The Commuter Series

The Commuter Series

As we approach our 'new normal' we are starting to re-encounter our commuters. Whether it be to the coffeeshop, a stroll round the park, or to a place of work - they look different for everyone.

In light of our first drop, The Commuter Jacket, we are creating a series following some of our favourite people to get a glimpse of how their morning routine and commute looks.

First up, it's George

George is a womenswear designer and she wore the Long Commuter Jacket for her commute.  


Believe it or not, a browse of the garden and a quick water is first on the agenda. George became passionate about gardening during lock-down.

Then it's coffee to go.

George drives to her office bi-weekly for team catch ups and range meetings.

and then the Commuter Jacket took a well earned break until George arrived at her destination. 

Next, we followed Sam's commute

Sam's a Mum and a women's wear designer. On her commute, she wore the Cropped Commuter Jacket.

Sams commute looks different every day but usually consists of taking her 8 month old, Jack, out in the pram to the park or to the shops.

First up is an iced coffee, to go, because a) it's 25 degrees in September these days don't ya know and b) Sam's sleep pattern unfortunately isn't what it used to be.

Next - a pit stop in the park - the button are a yes, phew.

And then en route home, quick go on the swings (Jack obv). Thanks Sam and Jack!


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