Hey, we're Etikette


Etikette offers contemporary, functional and classic jackets and bags that are designed to stay on-trend beyond the season. Each piece is designed to have a permanent spot in your wardrobe throughout the year. Our practical fabric and component choices ensure you can brave the elements without sacrificing your personal style. 




We are proud to promote an attitude that counteracts the endemic single use of garments that many consumers have with clothing. In an effort to foster mindful consumption habits we encourage caring for, repairing or rehoming your items. If you find yourself ready to let go of an item we recommend selective donation - Only 10-20% of donated items are passed onto our bought by a new owner. The rest is shipped to other countries where a small proportion is given to communities in need, the rest is put in landfill. We offer free repairs to your Etikette pieces, read more here. 



As of now our manufacture process is a small operation. Myself and freelance makers hand craft each piece in the UK. As we grow we aim to expand our domestic production which will in turn maintain our small carbon footprint, contribute to a healthy local economy and ensure all are treated fairly.



Our garments only come in a small range of sizes (currently 2, small - medium and medium - large). The fit is designed to span across 7 conventional UK sizes (6-16). This allows our customer to choose their own fit and how they wear our pieces - there are no rules. But the main reasoning behind this is to cut out waste and over production. 



Who knew that one piece of clothing seen on the shop floor could be responsible for say, 10, 20,  sometimes more, samples that are thrown in the bin. We do not redesign, re-cut or resample our pieces. We sample and fit and develop one shape that we continue to work with in order to drastically decrease our waste output and avoid over-sampling. 



We endeavour to source and utilise the finest and most durable cloth and components that will ultimately last for a long time but affect the environment as little as possible. The waxed cotton that we use undergoes a modern proofing process that allows us to create contemporary pieces whilst lasting as long as their traditional counterparts. Each of our pieces are expertly crafted by hand using purpose built industrial machinery that’s fit for its purpose. 



Everything that is produced has an impact on the world and the climate. Long story short, production is environmentally unsustainable. We choose every material and component with longevity and the environment in mind. So far, everything we have sourced has been bought in the UK in order to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible; we plan to keep it that way. Our waxed cotton comes from Dundee where it’s dyed and proofed and the rest is either dead stock fabric that was destined for landfill or carefully selected organic cotton.