Features of the Commuter Jacket

Features of the Commuter Jacket


The Commuter Jacket is made from a Scottish, waxed, showerproof cotton with a soft and tumbled hand-feel. After the untreated cloth is imported to the Dundee Mill, it’s inspected, dyed using low impact dye, and proofed using a modern wax treatment. This expertly crafted cotton leaves no wax transfer, unlike traditional waxed fabric, which means we are able to create a lightweight, unlined garment. It’s weather-resistant which means rain showers will run off the surface - one less thing to worry about when racing out of the door in the morning.

Patch Pockets

The signature feature of The Commuter Jacket is the accordion pockets (the Mary Poppin’s bag of the pocket world). We’ve taken inspiration from the classic waxed jacket pockets, kept the practical elements and modernised the design with a clean and angular look.


We went with Charbury 4011 buttons in black in for The Commuter Jacket in the end. Classic, yet minimal, and crafted by British button makers, Courtney  & Co Button Makers. The buttons are made from corozo which is the nut derived from the Tuga Palm that grows in the equatorial rainforests of Central America. Corozo is kind of a big deal, it literally falls from trees when it’s ripe meaning no human harvesting is needed. Also, due to its value, the rainforests it’s found in are exceedingly less likely get cut down. 

Wearing a little piece of the rainforest isn’t so bad after all, and it’s pretty exotic.

Internal pocket

There's an internal patch pocket attached to the facing of all of our Commuter Jackets. It’ll fit your phone, your passport, your wallet or some of the other random articles from the bottom of your bag. Or maybe even a combo from that list.


Our labels are free from the gross stuff. They’re screen printed on organic cotton, using a water-based vegan dye that’s 100% free from CFCOs, HCFÕs, volatile solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons. Its also Phthalate and GMO vegetable extract free. It’s a bit of a mouthful but its worth it. They’re printed by Sarah at Heck Press in Wales.

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