About the Waxed Cotton we've used for the Commuter Jacket

Waxed cotton has been used for centuries (since the 15th century to be precise) and it all started in Scotland when sailors, who were importing flax and linen for the weave industry, used fish oil to proof their cotton outerwear and sails (gross). As the fabric was saturated in oil, it meant that rain and water ran off the surface and kept them dry underneath. The fish oil was soon upgraded to linseed oil and shortly after, to paraffin wax.

 Our Dundee based supplier of of waxed cotton has since become an industry leader in weather proofed fabric. The BCI approved cotton arrives at their mill where it is inspected, dyed and proofed. 

The cloth used for our Commuter Jackets are treated with a vegan emulsified wax that’s heat-sealed into the fabric for a long lasting, water resistant finish. Unlike traditional waxed outerwear, this modern proofing technique means that there is no wax residue transfer which allows us to create a light weight unlined garment