The story behind the commuter Jacket

The story behind the commuter Jacket

The commute didn’t hold up very well in 2020.

Etikette was founded during lockdown. Of the millions of things that disappeared overnight (beer gardens, sharing plates, trips to the sea), one thing we didn’t miss was the commute. Until we realised that maybe, we did?

Not the standing under an armpit on the central line, queueing in traffic, or getting wet at the bus stop parts. The part that was the sacred, in-between slice of the day just for you. To read, to people-watch, to listen to a podcast, to listen to new music, to visualise what was left in the fridge at home. 

The Commuter Jacket is a celebration of our NEW commutes. The different types of liminal times that differentiate one part of our lives from another. An early morning walk to the coffee shop, a cycle to a meeting, an evening stroll around the block. 

Commutes look different from here on in, but the in-between times are here to stay. The Commuter drop jacket is a showerproof all rounder that has you covered. The inside patch pockets fit your passport and phone. The other pockets will fit your gin in a tin(s).

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